Schroll Medical is a EU-GMP certified breeder, cultivator and manufacturer of medicinal cannabis flower and full spectrum extract.
Schroll Medical is based in Odense, Denmark.

The company was established in 2018 by brothers Carsten & Søren Schroll. Carsten is a master grower, specialised in large scale standardised flower production.
Søren is an auditor by training, but joined the family gardening business in 2007 to focus on finance and sales.

We use our extensive knowledge and experience in breeding and growing standardised plants at scale to make medicinal cannabis available and affordable to patients all across Europe.
We call that vision SCALING PLANT-BASED CANNABINOIDS, to improve quality of life for patients in Europe.

Since the inception in 2018, Schroll Medical has grown to 40 employees across Denmark and Portugal. We have launched our products in 5 countries with more to come.
Cannabis is bred in greenhouses near Odense in Denmark and produced at scale in both Denmark and Portugal.


EU-GMP Certification

Schroll Medical is a EU-GMP certified manufacturer of medicinal cannabis.
GMP is the European Medicines Agency’s “Good Manufacturing Practice” that certifies us as a qualified medicinal manufacturer.

Our GMP certification guarantees that you will receive a standardized quality product year for year and batch for batch, containing the same active components each and every time.

Download our certificates here.


We currently export medicinal cannabis to 5 markets across Europe and Australia with more to come during 2023.